About Perch

'Let us start this introduction with a question!

Why do we need to retire from the day when we talk about going to bed? Why do we need to put on the most tattered thing in our closet while we plan to put our feet up in the cosiest place on earth, the bed?

I look at night time as not when we retire, but when we enter a world of newer possibilities, a world filled with hopeful dreams (and sometimes frightening nightmares, I agree), which is why it is crucial for all of us princesses, night owls, dreamers and insomniacs to dress the part.

I started Perch for that purpose and bid adieu to interior design and have been chasing what has now become a passion! The thought being a simple one, we must all feel safe, comfortable and even fabulous every night and wake up to a Perchy morning and a hopeful day!

I find my inspiration in the many personalities of the women who surround me. She could be a fierce go-getter in the man’s world, a chirpy soul to whom age is just a number, a girl who loves to fill her life (and her closet) with colour, a girl who is not afraid to be herself even if it means being different!
Many of our sleepwear is made with the 100% organic cotton poplin that not only feel great against your skin but also leave mother nature in peace and it is our endeavour to use more and more of such eco fabrics and methods to produce the best quality sleepwear for you!

Ladies, let’s infuse life in to the most neglected time of the day and bring it back with a bang, a pop and a lot of Perchy happiness!

See you on the flip side!'

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